Zoleikha A. Biron

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

University of Florida

Email : z.biron@ece.ufl.edu

Phone : (352) 392- 5965

Office : 463 NEB, 1064 Center Dr, Gainesville, FL , 32611

About Me

I am currently an assistant professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department at the University of Florida. My research focuses on cyber physical systems with applications in intelligent transportation systems, smart power systems and integration of renewable energy sources with smart power systems. I am interested in utilizing control theory, estimation and fault diagnostics techniques to enhance the security and efficiency of cyber physical systems.

I received my Ph.D. at Clemson University in 2017, my MS and BS degree in Electrical Engineering from K.N. Toosi University of Technology and University of Tehran, respectively. Prior joining University of Florida in Jan 2019, I spent 18 months at Clemson University international center of automotive research (CU_ICAR) as a post doc.

Research Interests

  • Security and control of cyber physical systems (CPS)
  • Intelligent transportation system, connected and autonomous vehicles 
  • Renewable energy and their integration with smart power systems 
  • Fault diagnosis of dynamics systems modeled with PDE and ODE 
  • Control theory, estimation, optimization 

Highlighted On-going Research Projects



  • CRII: OAC: A (near) Real-time Framework for Smart Integration of Electric Vehicles to Microgrids; Solo PI; Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF); May 2022-June 2024.
  • Decentralized Detection of Cyber Attacks against Microgrid Energy Management Systems; Sponsor: Cyber Florida Institute PI ; June 2020-Dec 2022.

Recent Publications:

  • D. S. Kushwaha and Z. Biron, “False Data Injection Attack Detection using Adaptive Threshold via Model Free Deep Reinforcement Learning for Residential Load Demand”, Accepted to IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM), 2023.
  • R. Abdollahi, P. Pisu, B. Ayalew, and Z. Biron, “Sliding Mode Control of DC Microgrids with Constant Power Loads”, Accepted to IEEE American Control Conference, 2023.
  • R. Abdollahi, P. Pisu, Z. Biron, and B. Ayalew, “Robust Control of DC Microgrids with Constant Power Loads via Tube based Mechanism”, Accepted to IEEE Power &Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM), 2023.
  • M. Hu and Z. Biron, “Bargaining-based Load control mechanism design for microgrids using EV’s available capacity”, pp. 599-604, IEEE American Control Conference (ACC) 2022.


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